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2016 CMI Erg-a-thon

Learn More About CMI’s First Ergathon!

What is it? An Ergathon is a classic competitive rowing and fundraising event for rowing clubs with athletes rowing toward a stretch goal (i.e., 20k recommended
CMI Youth Erging
 for experienced / winter training rowers, 10k for
middle schoolers), with support and sponsorship from friends and relatives to achieve their goal!  It will be fun to watch and cheer on your favorite rower!
CMI Youth in the Winter Erging program have heard about this event from their coaches!

Who is it for?  CMI winter & spring youth participants.  All CMI youth athletes are encouraged to participate in this athletic feat and fundraising effort. (CMI Adult Rowers are also welcome to participate.)

Why are we doing it?  The ergathon is “fun-raiser” that enables CMI youth to directly contribute to CMI’s efforts to raise $21,000 to name CMI’s new, fifth boat, now under construction,  in honor of John Liffmann’s parents, as well as fund training resources for CMI’s youth program. 

When is it? Saturday May 7 11am – 6pm.  Any youth with morning commitments will be able to schedule their time for later in the afternoon.
Where will it be held?  In Cohasset.  We are scouting locations now!

And there are Prizes!  CMI will award four prizes to CMI Youth participants, as follows: 1) $125 for highest $ raised, 2) $75 for 2nd highest $raised, 3) $125 for most donors, and 4) $75 for 2nd most donors. Go for it!

How do I get started? There is no cost to enter. Click on the link below to register

What do I do next? Getting started is simple!  After registering above, click here for the 3-step instructions, then go to CMIs Ergathon website on Razoo and “Join the Team”.  You can have a personal, customized fundraising page ready to go in as little as 5-10 minutes!
FYI, Razoo is a web site that makes it easy and fun to get your friends and family to sponsor you in the CMI Ergathon.

How do I get sponsors? Once your Razoo page is created, you can mostly let your computer or smartphone do the work.  You can send an email, or text to your friends and relatives who are far away, and they can make an online gift to the program, credited to you, in a matter of minutes. You can also share the fundraising information on your Facebook page, or tweet the information. You do not have to restrict your fundraising efforts to your immediate family and neighbors.

How much do I have to raise?  Your goal should be whatever you feel you are able to achieve, but other local rowing clubs have raised an average of more than $300 per rower, with top fundraisers raising considerably more!

When should I start asking for sponsors?  Now! As soon as your fundraising page is set up!  Sponsors will give a donation at the time of your request, knowing that it will motivate you when you are rowing. Donation amounts are not based on how many meters you row, though donors may be more generous if they understand the effort involved in rowing the target distance you plan to row!

Need more information?  Feel free to contact George Baumgarten,Kelly Grech or Kathy Desjourdy if you have questions or need more information.