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Our Mission


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Our Mission

Cohasset Maritime Institute (CMI) promotes the extraordinary maritime heritage of our town through rowing and traditional wooden boat building. Since 1994, our programs let youth and adults stay fit, experience the teamwork and camaraderie unique to ocean rowing, and enjoy the amazing coastal waters off Cohasset.  CMI strives to develop and promote sportsmanship, fitness, rowing skills, teamwork, and friendship for youth and adult rowers, of all skill levels. We aspire to provide various opportunities for participation in safe and challenging rowing events where competition, inclusiveness, and performing to the best of one’s abilities are equally valued.

Thanks to our generous supporters, 2013 and 2014 were milestone years for CMI! To help add capacity in response to growing demand, we launched Row the Distance in June 2013, a $90,000 3-year capital fundraising campaign with goals of raising $30,000 each year.  Generous supporter donations of $22,000 to date enabled the acquisition of a fourth Mainville 26 shell and the expansion of our youth program to more than 60 rowers last year. This year, CMI is planning to commission the construction of a fifth Mainville 26!  CMI has also built a second trailer for race transportation and purchased two sets of oars from the Boston College crew team.  We are grateful to Pilgrim Bank for embracing our vision and providing interim financing to support this growth while we fund raise.

Beyond new equipment, other CMI 2013 & 2014 highlights include:

  •  A new partnership with the Boston College crew team which allowed 24 youth rowers to experienced river shell rowing on the Charles River in the spring
  • Employment of nine local high school and college students over the summer to serve as coxswain/coaches
  • The addition of three highly experienced coaches for the youth program.


Rowing ranks among the fastest growing sports in our region for students and adults alike (try one of our “Learn to Row” clinics to see why!).  Goals for the next year include a chase boat for coaching, a collegiate racing shell for calm water days, and continuing to replace our aging Concept2 training ergs (rowing machines). 

These achievements would not be possible without support from residents, businesses, and associations in the community—to which we are most thankful.  Part of our mission entails keeping participant fees as affordable for all.  These fees, however, do not cover all the costs to run our programs and plan for the future, so we hope you will consider a contribution to CMI this year.  Your gift of any amount will support youth rowing efforts, annual student scholarships, and further program development.