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Cohasset Maritime Institute Mission:


CMI strives to develop and promote sportsmanship, fitness, rowing skills, teamwork, and friendship for youth and adult rowers, of all skill levels. We aspire to provide various opportunities for participation in safe and challenging rowing events where competition, inclusiveness, and performing to the best of one’s abilities are equally valued.

Located on the beautiful and historic Cohasset Harbor, CMI offers an ideal setting for a safe and enjoyable rowing experience. CMI is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, providing recreational and competitive ocean rowing instruction for students and adults.

Cohasset is America’s Official Home to Lifesaving:


For over 200 years, the rocks off Cohasset have claimed boats of all descriptions, leaving the crews and their skippers more wary, if still alive. By 1789, the Massachusetts Humane Society erected huts of refuge along the coast to sustain survivors until local townspeople could come to their rescue. Further recognizing that this benevolent action was insufficient, the Humane Society established its very first lifesaving station in our boathouse, with a 26-foot eight-oared surfboat for use by volunteer crews.

Since 1994, Cohasset Maritime Institute (CMI) has promoted the unique maritime history of our town through rowing for youth and adults and traditional wooden boat building.

Our programs provide an opportunity for the community to enjoy the coastal waters of Cohasset and experience the teamwork and camaraderie involved in ocean rowing. These activities are led by an all volunteer board and housed in the historic boathouse on Cohasset Harbor at Parker Avenue.

Hundreds of local youth in grades 7-12 have passed through our rowing programs since 1994, with nearly 60 youth participating this year. We offer 3-season competitive rowing with opportunities for training, education and racing across eastern Massachusetts from Cape Ann to Plymouth.   Many CMI alumni have gone on to earn scholarships and participate in collegiate rowing programs.


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